Thursday, 20 March 2008

Easter In Germany

I was hoping to have sunny and warm Easter day this year but it seems like it will be the other way round. Easter holidays won’t be very spring-like in Germany this year. Bundle up for the Easter egg hunt, the German weather service warned, because a major low is rolling in just in time for the weekend with unseasonably cold, wet weather. Heavy clouds bearing rain and snow arrive since yesterday and temperatures drop to the low single digits. We will have to get used to snow again, even in the flat lands like our place....urrghh!. There will also be strong sleet and thunderstorms. The weather service said today´s temperature will continue to drop below freezing and Germans living in the country’s southern regions (our area larrr) can expect snow showers (infact its snowing pretty much outside right now...want some? Can make Ais Batu Campur hehe..), especially at higher altitudes...this give more benefit to the people who spend their holiday skiing, they will have 15 more inches extra snow for skiing!!..sioknya!. Windy storms are also in the forecast for the night before Good Friday...So there goes our Easter weather forcast...So how to do egg hunting like this? Maybe my boys will end up digging egg bunny inside the snow this year kaka...but never mind I am going to do it anyway..Easter bunny always cheer the children up right, no matter how the weather is....I am pretty sure they will enjoy hunting egg at the same time enjoying rolling on the snow..LOL (I hope this is the last snow for this season!). Thank God today is Wednesday, Kenneth´s last day at school. He will have short breaks until Tuesday, Gosh, am running out of idea to entertain my kid during the break!. We supposed to spend Easter with Oma this weekend but hubby is still coughing and having slight cold, its dangerous for a 91 years old Oma, hubby might spread the cold to her, so we postponed our visit to a later day, oh well, a bit disappointed but we only have one Oma and that's more important, don´t want to risk her. I have done our BIG groceries shopping yesterday, I have to make sure we have enough food during holiday because shops and supermarkets will be closed for few days here. Stressful shopping with these two little cheeky monsters..Sudahlah crowded, anak-anak running here and there, wanted to buy this and that, and when time to pay, Ghosh! what a long queue at the counter and I have to wait for ages until my turn to pay my stuff (Not my likey!) because some customers in front of me really doing MUCH MUCH bigger shopping than me haha..Some people are scare to starve, you should see their shopping trolleys, they shop enough stock for world war LOL, common!, we only have a few days break. Anyway, no more complaining hehe..sorry about that!. Anyway, I guess it is interesting for you to explore facts about Easter customs in Germany. Here are ideas about Easter celebration in Germany: - Have a good read. • In Germany, Easter commences on the Good Friday with the draping of cross. It is on this day, people eat fish as a part of Easter feast. (I bought my fish yesterday, the freezer was almost empty, everyone bought the same fish..lucky me I was fast!). • In the menu of special Easter lunch on the Easter Sunday, colored Easter eggs and lamb shaped cake acquire prominent positions. In the sweets, people relish the cookies and chocolate candies. (Yess..I mine all ready!). • As a part of Easter traditions in Germany, egg hunt game is very popular among the Germans. Another game that is enjoyed by kids is Chocolate kiss. (This year have to dig in the snow larr). • To give a warm welcome to the spring season, there is a tradition of burning the old Christmas trees in a specially chosen venue. • Green colored Easter eggs are used on the Maundy Holy Thursday. • In the Oberammergau town of Germany, passion play is held which is based on the life of Jesus Christ. It's a play in which about 1200 villagers participate and the play is a real long one, extending up to six hours. • Before the start of Lent season, a special carnival called Fasching is held. Its major attractions include a parade in which people showoff their masks. • Kids light huge bonfires on the Easter eve. • German people prepare a special recipe called Cruller, which is a kind of thick doughnut.


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    Happy Easter to you too. How´s your Easter? Did you do anything special?
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