Friday, 14 March 2008

Yeahh It´s Movie Time

I was just thinking just now what I am going to do with Kenneth in the afternoon while Kyle is having his afternoon nap...Kadang-kadang bingung juga mau fikir how to keep kids entertained other than switching on the TV. He said he wanted to play Papa´s computer, he likes to play some German children games like playmobil, Lowenzahn, Sendung der Maus and a few more..But I only allow him to have the computer on weekend, so he was really looking forward to have the computer today but suddenly the phone rang...his friend´s mom invited him to come along with her son (Felix) to go to a cinema in town...At first I was reluctant to let him go because the movie is only for children above 6 years old...who knows the film will be too much for his age, maybe its too wild nah....but then I was thinking, why not, let him have a son is only 1 year younger for the movie and after all it´s Friday, I decided to let him go with his good friend and enjoy the movie....bukan main lagi budak2 skarang oh kan. They have been to a cinema together a few times already but most of the time Kyle and I came along...but today I just let the big boys enjoy the film...If only the film is for children age O I am sure I will drag Kyle along hehehe... but I guess not this time. Its a german children please don´t ask me what´s the film about haha because I don´t know....I never be bothered to look at the preview... Aren´t the children today so lucky? At age 5 already can go to a cinema (of course with parent´s company). They even have film for age O haha...these people in the cinema really know how to make money right. I brought Kyle once to see BEE the beginning I thought he would not be sitting down, I was thinking he must be climbing up and down or running around in the cinema room while the film showing....but I was surprised he enjoyed the movie very much, teriak teriak lagi tu whenever he saw bee flying haha..he just sat there with us watching while enjoying his cup of popcorn...haha..nasip jugalah, the 4 euro ticket for Kyle was not wasted. I don´t let this to be a our habit but once a in while is ok especially when the weather outside is no nice...kalau selalu matilah mama pokai!. I remember when I was still a child living in a small village, I never went to a cinema....we didn´t even have a cinema in our small town... The only home entertainment for my siblings and I was the 14 inches black and white screen tv. That was more than enough for us LOL.


  1. Wah sound like Kenneth had a wonderful Friday eh....hihi! Lucky him. Seronoknya dia pigi cinema dengan kawan lagi. :-))
    Luthie!!!!Nasib juga ada lagi TV kan, oraitlah juga...haha!

  2. Yeah he had a great time tadi, sukanya dia, kena belanja popcorn lagi tu hehehe.

    Yabah nasip dulu ada tv walaupun itam putih kan haha..

  3. Sia ingat lagi my first time pigi cinema. I was 11 yrs old... it was local movie called 'Mat Salleh'!!

    Di sini they have rating 18PL, 18SX, 18SG & U. Asal ada 18, budak2 below 18 inda buli masuk la kecuali 'U'.

  4. oh kah Nessa? bagus juga durang buat begitu kan. Klu tida bah abis lah budak budak kan.

    I don´t remember bila sia masuk cinema 4 d first time oh haha..tapi masa tu tua sudah bah LOL...kesian kesian.


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