Monday, 10 March 2008

Joy Ride

Germany was hit by Storm Emma two weeks ago and because of the storm people were asked to stay home and no long travel if possible. But thank God we were spared from the storm..we had very strong wind in our place, our neighbour´s roof was blown off but they managed to fix them at the same day...but it was not as bad as other areas..luckily!..some pilots have to fight with their flights during the storm but luckily no disaster occurred...before that only two hours driving from our place was earthquake, I was scared when I saw it on tv..once again I praised Lord its not at our area... a few scary things happened recently... Actually we planned to go out of town but we didn´t want to take any risk from the storm so we decided just to look at shops nearby...we remembered Kenneth needed a new bike. His old bike was almost too small for him. Normally during this season they have bikes on sale we dragged our boys along and hoping to find a good bargain at the bike shop not far from our house. Eventhough it was very windy and drizzling but it wouldn´t stop our mission that day. We let Kenneth choosing his favourite bike.. he couldn´t made up his mind after seeing plenty choices of boys bikes there....rambang mata terus dia hehe...but he was clever he chosed one with blue colour...which suited mama´s taste too. He made a good choice, its a brand. Do you know the brand of the bike? PUKY..LOL..( sounds like bad word kan? nasip bukan ended with I LOL) the first time I saw this word on the bike I laughed to my head haha....apparently the brand that he was taking is very popular cause its very reliable and tahan lama...his old bike has the same brand eventhought Kenneth fell off so many times..basikal hampas2 on the ground, donno how many times...but the bike is still in good condition now...tahan lasak!.but of course the price also bikin potong leher...but knowing my son will ride more often when Summer comes so we guess its better to get him a good new one eventhough I was thinking just to get him a second hand bike from a bike bazaar here....the price is much much cheaper of course but well we don´t know how long does the bike last after somebody has been using it right...After all one day Kyle can “waris” the bike from Kenneth. When I saw my son trying on the new bikes I realized how my boy has grown up...tida sedar oh..early last year he was still riding three wheels bike haha...We were really lucky cause that was the last type of bike standing we grab it!.

After getting his NEW TOY he couldn´t wait that long to try it but too bad we had to leave the bike standing in the garage for a few days cause its still quite cold for him to go out riding (very windy bah). In some areas were still snowing...luckily not in our area...brrr....btw, I can see many Tulips coming out in people garden..its so nice to see those flowers... a few days ago we had one fine sunny day and since Kyle is recovering we took the boys went out for a long joy ride....Kenneth had a sweetest day with his new bike and I was glad Kyle manage to inhale some fresh air....its good for his lung!.


  1. That's a cute little bike Luthie. Puky?? Lucu pula nama dia....haha!
    Beautiful color eh. I cannot wait for Billy to be able to ride a bike on his own....hihi.

    I saw our neighbor's lilies are blooming too. Yeah....Spring is almost here. :-))

  2. Nice bike... sia suka dia punya soothing blue color :)

    My son also been begging me to get him one tapi inda seja terbeli... ganas bah dia tu, every time pigi playground, mesti ada seja luka baru. So, imajin if sia beli dia basikal, mungkin 2 hari, hancur suda tu basikal!

  3. Not bahaya kah cycling in KL tu Nessa? If I were you takut kasih anak2 cycling sana banyak crazy drivers kan? Di sini nasip ada path for jalan kaki and cyclist so selamat..Kasih lah dia bali satu bike kalau boleh kasian jugakan? LOL.

  4. Hi Hilda, ndak lama lagi tu, give him a year nanti pakai tiga roda sudah si Billy nanti...hehe..he will enjoy it!.

  5. Eh, bukan di jalanraya gia. Sana playground seja... just a few houses away :)

    Tunggu la, kumpul duit dulu. Anak sia cakap, balik2 kumpul duit... dia pun inda pecaya cakap sia suda. Haiyah!

  6. Haha..lucu anak kau oh dia tau juga mama dia balik2 kumpul duit LOL..bah pelan2 lah kan..sikit2 kumpul lama2 jadi bukit kaboh.


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