Saturday, 22 March 2008

Check Your Pram!

A German couple made a shocking discovery when they found a handgun in a baby stroller they purchased in an internet auction. As the woman was cleaning the pram, she found a loaded nine-millimetre pistol in a side pocket, Hamburg police said on Wednesday. The 39-year-old who sold the item could not explain how the weapon came to be in the stroller. A search of the man's apartment yielded no further information for investigators. The baby stroller had apparently been in the man's cellar for some three years. Isn´t this shocking?


  1. Gosh, Luthie! I dont mind if money or jewelry are kept in the pram! Not a gun!?? Hahaha! ;p Happy Easter to you!

  2. Read about this too.. scary indeed! Hope it wasn't used for murder.

    By the way, Luth - Happy Easter!

  3. Hi Rose,
    Happy Easter! Thanks for dropping by. I also don´t mind to find diamond or gold in my pram tapi sayang habuk pun tarah! LOL..Until now I cannot "go in" into your blog, why is that ar? Missing to read your blog!

    Hi Ann,
    Sorry I missed your call today. Hubby said si MaryAnn called at 5 something. I will elaborate why I couldn´t answer the phone..hehe..Happy Easter. What did Mr. Bunny give to Vanessa today?

  4. Bahaya juga ah, beli pram dapat hand gun free! LOL

    But seriously, that's dangerous. Kalau la budak kecik yg terjumpa... susah kan.

  5. Bahayakan!. Kalau mau beli second hand stuff really have to be extra carefull, check thoroughly before paying.


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