Sunday, 30 March 2008

Achtung! Changing Time Today!

How many of you woke up this morning to clocks having different times, an hour apart, throughout the house? I personally awoke to see my TV and VCR with one time, my Computer and Phone with another. Daylight saving time comes to an end pula sudah. Althought hubby talked about it yesterday I forgot all about it today. I only changed my clocks when half of my Sunday almost gone. During the night between March 29 and 30, clocks in Germany and elsewhere should be moved forward one hour as Summer time, or dayligh-saving time, begins. Start from now people can enjoy the day a bit longer, can get more light of the day, can take advantage of the bright evening (now can enjoy sitting and sipping German beer in the beer gardens hmm!) but in the morning the sun appears to rise one hour later..we have to get up when its still dark...oh that will make me extra hungover!. Now, some mums (maybe I´ll be one of the confused mom) have to try adjusting our small kids. They must go to bed an hour earlier and must be tired an hour earlier, they must eat their snack and wind down 60 minutes earlier than usual!! .. Oh whatever...Spring has Sprang!, Itu yang penting! hehe...I am ready to enjoy seeing greenery soon!.


  1. Hmmm... what happens after Summer then? Kana kasih move backwards ka the clock? I've heard of this before (I think di skolah pun ada kena ajar) but I still don't understand.

    Bah, enjoy your Spring! :D

  2. LOL...Nessa, first ok kah my new blog punya muka? hihi..still learning this! Kapai-kapai poh! Hampir2 sia minta email kau minta tunjuk ajar :) After Summer we´ll change the time again..yeah will move 1 hr backwards..such a hustle bustle juga. Tapi org2 jerman tu sia tinguk they don´t bother to change their clock, mangkali sudah biasa..but for me, belum biasa still hv to climb wall to wall to change the time klu tida nah buli koloboi LOL...have a nice day!

  3. i kept on forgetting! every year Hardy will change all our clocks, watches at home, now he's away for a week, and i kept on looking at the wrong time! aidan's still adjusting, if tomorrow he doesnt wake up for school, i might wake him!


  4. Ish! Buli tahan bah ko punya new template ni. Sia pernah cuba pakai 3 columns tapi byk sia punya widgets hilang... jadi sia pun inda dii brani :( Sampai la skrang, masih lg pakai 2 column... tinggalan zaman nodii.

  5. Mula2 hilang semua tu Nessa tapi x tau macam mana sia buli kurik balik! LOL..main antam2 saja ni nasip blog sia tida hilang oh. But I still don´t know how to delete the blinking image sanaaa atas tu.

  6. Hi Luthie! Kamu baru pula tukar masa, sini punya Daylight Saving started a month earlier pula.
    My son had pretty hard time adjusted to the time changes. Kasian sekali bah, jam 6.30am sudah kena bangun. Nasib sudah ok sekarang. :-))
    BTW, WOW!!!! Sudah tukar template kau...VERY NICE!!!!
    Nanti ada masa sia pigi try juga...hihi!

  7. Hi Za, I always forget but hubby reminds me every year hehe...I am still not use to it. Was it difficult for Aidan to adjust? Where is your hubby going for a week? Hope you and Aidan can cope. Take care!

  8. Hi Hilda,
    Nice to see you back again!. Kau lah pelawat setia sia hahaha..tanpa sunyi aku eh!.

    Bah cari2 free templates on the net banyak tu yg changgih2 hehe...tukar selera boh!.

  9. I mean "Tanpa Mu" hehe..sorry wrong typo


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