Thursday, 1 May 2008

Ki-Ga Spring Festival

Last Saturday we attended Spring Festival in Kenneth´s Kindergarden. The weather was not really the best, kejap sunshine, kejap cloudy and in between drizzling. Despite the uncertain weather the festival went on so smoothly. The Festival started at 2pm. They held the festival in the garden. We arrived at 1.30 pm so that we could catch good place to sit. Parents prepared Cakes, Dessert and Drink, Sandwiches, BBQ Sandwiches. The money will be donated to the Kindergarden. Some parents volunteered to serve, tidying after the occasion or helping selling the food and drinks. We decided to donate cakes. We baked two different kind of cakes. We made Marmor Kuchen (Marble cake) and Obs Käse Kuchen (Fruit Cheese Cake). Hubby did most of the job be honest, he bake better than me. I don´t really have a good hand for baking. Sia tau makan ja. The festival started with grace or spiritual blessing followed by a brief speech from the priest (sia pun tida tau siapa nama tu Priest hehe). And then it was time for presentation. Most kindergarden children from all groups participated in the presentation. The title of the presentation was “Snowhite”. Kenneth took part in the presentation, he was acting as one of the rabbits haha. Parents were so entertained. The ki-ga kids did a wonderful and adorable job performing. We were proud our kids and their very dedicated teachers have put so much effort into planning these excellent occasion for the parents. After the presentation we enjoyed ourselved with the food and drinks and children started playing in the garden and inside the kindergarden areas. Parents had good times mingle around freely and talking and getting to know other parents. Unfortunately I didn´t manage to sit down with parents that I know or to get know other parents as I was busy watching and running after my younger son (Kyle) who was busy running, jumping and climbing with other children. Parents were not only allowed to bring family also friends or relatives so it was so much fun because load of people attending. The event was an overall success as I overheard some families commented on how they appreciated and enjoyed the festival. I think the teachers were also glad for parent´s support and participation. As for me it was fun but also a tiring day. Actually I am glad it was over hehe..

Mirror..Mirror on the wall...

Silke, Kenneth´s Ki-ga teacher is leaving the kindergarden.

Kenneth as one of the rabbits


  1. What a nice event for the parents and the Ki-Ga children! They must be sooo excited doing the presentation while their parents watching....hihi!
    Did Kenneth practice or talked a lot about his role in the presentation at home, Luthie?

    Seronoknya! Nice pic Luthie!

  2. Hi Hilda,
    Yep, banggah dia kasih tau tentang role dia haha..only playing a small part tapi cukup kasih gembira dia haha..durang practice hari2 di Ki-ga konon dia kastau. I will add more photos soon. Byk sia ambil gambar and video too. Thanks for looking ah.


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