Thursday, 15 May 2008

Folk Festival in Schwandorf

It´s a Volksfest (Folk Festival) time again in Schwandorf and well, it would be rude not to go (joking only hehe). The Schwandorfer Volkfest is like a mini Octoberfest (Munich), except there´s only one tent. A Volksfest (Folk Festival) is a large event in Germany. Admission to a Volksfest is free (so everyone is welcome!) however you have to pay for each ride separately. Each ride in a Volksfest is independently run so tickets for several rides are uncommon. (Kalau di tempat kita macam Fun Fair labah tu kan). There is at least one Volksfest in many of the larger towns in Germany every year. Volkfest in Schwandorf started last Saturday with a grand opening with Parade started from the town centre until the Volkfest area. Normally, a Volksfest takes place nearly at the same date every year. The festival goes for one week and its open everyday except on Tuesday (Rest day). Wednesday is Children´s day and on Saturday is Family day so during these particulars day each ride cost half price!. So since it was Children´s day yesterday I brought my boys to the Volkfest. Kenneth and Kyle enjoyed some rides (for small children punyalah macam carousel gitu), drinking and eating bratwurst (Sausages) and listened to Folk music. Since it was a cheap day, the place was almost too crowded, difficult not to worry to lose one of your child (if you come with more than 1 kids). Ndak cukup Volkfest, on the way home we dropped by again at the town park and played in the playground until 7.00pm (but it´s still very bright here until 9pm), very tiring oh, and I guess I have enough with the Volkfest now, we have been there twice since the opening and oh man so much money flying away just for the rides (LOL). But it is a fantastic way to spend lovely warm weather. There will be firework display during the closing of the Volkfest on Sunday but we can also see the fire work on the sky from our house.

Parade (Bavarian men wearing Lederhosen (Ledder Pants).
Some Bavarian women with dirndls (Traditional Costumes)A beautiful array of horses pulling a ceremonial barrel wagon.
Enjoyed riding during the opening, not so many people yetKenneth and Papa enjoying Bumping Car!
Wanna ride? No thank you, takut sia.Main River in Schwandorf .


  1. Wow... Luth, that seems to be a very nice, colorful and fun festival. I bet you guys must have a great time :)

  2. Hi Dora, how are you?

    Yabah colourful volkfest, siok kalau cuaca cantik Dora, but yesterday and today were raining jadi mangkali x ramai orang, tonight was the closing. habis sudah volkfest. I could only hear the fireworks shooting. Siok juga tapi can spend lots of money oh. I am glad its over hehehe..

  3. Hi Luth! Gail bah ni... how time flies. Look at your kiddos.. and esp Kyle.. he's a big boy now!! Bah we exchange site addy kio..

  4. Hi Gail, its nice to see you. Apa macam Dubai? Masih panas kah? he he he..bah main link link kita Gail, lama tida dingar kabar kau, hows your kids? Besar sudah kah? Bah nanti sia pigi visit blog kau. Hope to see your kids latest photos there. Chaooooooo...

  5. First thing sia notice is the cleanliness. Bersih betul, not a single cigarette butt, or sweet wrappers... kalau di sini, bangkai binatang pun ada tu saana longkang!

    Cantik dia punya costume, I laik. Cuba gia ko pakai, mesti kiut tu... hehehe

  6. Nessa, bah before parade berabis kali durang gusuk tu street hahaha..but honestly I agree with u. Every street here is clean, I am amazed!. Tiada chance mo injak tai tasu pasal sepa2 yg bawa anjing jalan di street, kalau anjing dia tobirak tuan punya mesti pungut yg throw in the dusbin yukkks! haha..Littering is a big NO NO...nasip baik orang ada tanggungjawap..klu tmpt kita tu itu pilak2 sudah abis beludah kan..melumpat saja tida mau skip itu ludah..adoi!.
    Itu costume santik mangkali tapi labih baik sia tida pakai takut sia nanti nampak macam nangka kana bungkus LOL..


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