Saturday, 3 May 2008

Communion Party

Last weekend was rather busy and tiring for us. Saturday was Spring Festival in the kindergarden and on Sunday we attended another function. It was a communion party. Julia (10 yrs) had her 1st Holy Communion last Sunday. Julia´s mom´s (Susanne) not only hubby´s long good friend (more than 20 years now) but also my eldest son´s (Kenneth) god mom. We had to get up at 6.30 last Sunday because we had to drive about 1 ½ hours to attend Julia´s communion ceremony in one of the Catholic Church in the outskirt of Munich. The Mass was at 10.00 a.m. Poor my boys...I had to drag them out from their beds. Actually Sundays suppose to be our lazy days and normally we sleep longer on Sunday but last Sunday had to be an exception. We were glad we reached the church just after 9.30 am after hubby drove like Schumacher on the motorway. We were lucky the road was almost clear...not many cars on the road...(orang lain masih tidur haha).

Julia When we reached there, the church was almost full but luckily we managed to sit in the second last row..bagus juga di belakang cause if my boys make noise easier for us to sneak out..but I was glad they behaved quite well during the long service..They started complaining hungry and thirsty only almost at the end of the mass..phuuuh! After the Mass, like usual photo sessions..dari dalam sampai luar church berposing adooiii..the boys and me were already feeling HUNGRY like wolfs!. We had small party with Julia´s family after the communion Mass. We went eating at one of the nice local Bavarian restaurant in the outskirt of Munich. The Food was decent. No dancing nor games..Just eating and talking. We were really lucky with the weather last Sunday. It was like 20 degrees with lots of sunshine. Perfect!. The restaurant is very children friendly..I said so because they have drawing and colouring corner for children so they could make themselves busy there while parents enjoy the meal and just outside the restaurant was a small playground..that really save my boys life! Otherwise they would run amok inside the restaurant haha...keboringan!. Thank to the nice weather and the playground outside, it was enough to get the “monsters” ouf off the kids. Although it was another tiring day but we were glad to be among their guests who were mostly their closed family members, it was a meaningful and special event. We were happy for Julia for accomplishing this important step in her life. It´s a blessing!.

The Family

Julia and Mom, Susanne

My boysSpring beauty..the tree blooming The playground!


  1. You had to attend party and your child need to bring along also.
    It was special day for you and your child.
    Have a nice day.

  2. Hello Coolingstar9...
    Thanks for dropping by. Wah all the way from Singapore ar? Yalor over here I am handicap no family around, no babysitter so where ever we go kids have to be tagged along..what to do hehe..

  3. Congrats to Julia. :D

    Wah, such a busy weekend for you and family , Luthie!
    Nasib lagi ada playground kan, I bet the Kenneth&Kyle had a great time...hihi!

    I love the Magnolia tree. Cantik kan. Di sini sudah habis tukar daun dari bulan lepas lagi. :D

  4. Hi Hilda,
    Thanks for our talk today, enjoy sia cakap sama kau. So much to catch up kan? Bah call again next time if you are free okay.
    I am glad it was all over Hilda, tiring bah. But soon ada lagi, this time baby baptism of our good friend lagi. Hope the weather will be nice.

    Kau tau Julia was born prematured, 3 mths earlier, when she was small byk complications, had to go for a few stomach operations, but now she grew up healthily.

    Yabah I like Magnolia tree...x kau tanam satu di depan rumah mu? LOL..I want one the new place I hope.


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