Friday, 23 May 2008

19th May - Our Special Day

It is quite an amazing thing to wake up one day, look at your spouse, and realize that both of you have been married for 7 years. Is that long kah? Well, for me 7 years is quite a long time hehe. Committing to each other for life on 19th May 2001 not knowing much about the journey we would undertake together, no idea what the future held in store. The road is sometime flawless and full of obstacles, we have our share of fights, difficulties, disappointments, joys, and triumphs. Everyday we learn what marriage really means. And after all these years, it’s still amazing that we still possess those little qualities that spice up our daily lives, and living with someone special in our live for a very long time is a very special life ever after. Sharing, carrying through a better or worse moment together really an unforgetable moment. Now, having matured and grown together, having two happy, healthy children (They have really been a blessing in our lives, in so many ways) I cannot ask for more, we thank Him for this wonderful gift of life. We look forward to many more years to come!
Our 7th Anniversary toast!
What we are now... We dined at our favorite Greek Restaurant.
Here we go... 7 years ago (still young and crispy LOL)
I thank You that You have given us another year of life together.
Thank You for the love which grows more precious and the bonds which grow more close each day.
I thank You for the happiness we have known together, for all the experience of sunshine and of shadow through which we have come to today.
I ask You forgiveness for any disloyalty on my part, for any times when I was difficult to live with, for any selfishness and inconsiderateness, for any lack of sympathy and of understanding, for anything which spoiled even for a moment, the perfect relationship which marriage should be.
Spare us to each other to go on walking the way of life together, and grant that for us it may be true that the best is yet to be.


  1. Once again... Happy Anniversary Luth... marriage is not easy boh. It's a matter of give and take... forgive and forget. And to accept your partner just the way he/she is... it's all a matter of "choice"... Bah, take one day at a time... be happy. God Bless you all.

  2. Luthie! Happy 7th Anniversary to both of you. You guys looks great!
    Semoga terus bahagia yah. :D

    BTW, That's a beautiful prayer.

    God bless you & your family.


  3. Hi Dora, thanks for the wish and of course thanks for your nasihat kawan..really appreciated!. You´re right! I should keep that in mind. Sometimes memang banyak cabaran, susah and senang but hey, that´s the part of life lah kan, make our life more colourful hehehe. Thankssss...

  4. Happy, happy aniversary Luthie! That's great 7 years!

  5. Hi Comey_Lote, thanks for your kind wishes...and thanks for dropping by. Take care

  6. Hi Hilda, I appreciate your kind wishes, when is your anniversary kian? Jangan lupa share kio. Thanks again.

    Take care

  7. Hi Dina,
    Thanks for your kind wishes...I am so happy reading wishes from you much appreciated! God bless everyone!

    Take care

  8. Wah! Happy 7th anniversary to you both. So lovey dovey, nice :D

  9. Hi Nessa,
    Lama tida dingar kabar? Saya pun belum lagi sempat pigi tempat kau. Have been quite busy lately. Will drop by there sometimes....

    Thanks for your wishes kio.

    God bless!


  10. happy anniversary..wishing you all the best in life..

  11. Hi Deana,
    Thanks for dropping by at my humble hut. Its so nice having you here and thanks for your kind wishes. God bless.

  12. Happy anniversary Luth and JOachim...

    Guess I am late for the cakes huh? lol... kidding... Anyway...

    May you will be blessed with all the love, joy, laughter, and peace forever.


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