Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Happy Birthday Mama

God has given you the blessing of being a mom.
You are our everyday loving mama and our hero,
You´re the greatest Mama ever,
Thank you mama for giving us life and love,
May his grace, peace and love surround you on your birthday.
Making you feel as special as you truly are.

Into a precious vessel God pours tenderness and love, an understanding heart, and all the joy a child dreams of. He gives her His compassion and a kindness like no other, then wraps her in a quiet strenght and gently calls her MOTHER.

"I will bless her, and she shall be a Mother" - Genesis 17:16

Happy 63 Birthday Mama

1st May...

May God bless you, may your joys be many on your special day.

We love you Mama!!


  1. Happy 63th Birthday to Inai!!

    She looks great Luthie! Look much younger than her age bah. :-))

    Nice pic!

  2. Happy birthday to Luthie's mom!

    My sis birthday (not Ann) falls on May 1st too. Siok bah, inda payah ambik cuti cos every year it's a public holiday :)

  3. Hi Hilda,
    Thanks for your comment Hilda. This photo taken in 2006, maybe now my mom look old already, lama sia tida jumpa. Rindu sia sama dia. I talked to her on her birthday. This weekend dia turun KK for her birthday celebration. I wish we can just take a bus to be there. *Sigh* to join her birthday party. Thanks for dropping by ah.

  4. Nessa,
    You´re right!!. Every year, every labor day, every 1st of May, sia tida boleh lupa my mom´s birthday because sinang mau ingat dia punya date kan...u know every year saya yg kasih ingat my sibblings about mom´s birthday..durang pelupa!


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