Thursday, 24 April 2008

Still No Buyer!

We have been trying to sell our house in Schwandorf for what seems like forever now. We are having real difficulty selling it. The house has been on the market for more than a year now..lama sudah. This has been bugging us. We bought a lot in another town (Bad Abbach) a year ago and want to move there within this year (There are a few good reasons why we would like to move if possible soonest). We really look forward for a new start baini. Since we bought the lot, we started putting this house in the market. We have two different house agents but till now nothing has happened. It is rather disappointing. Has the market died here? We are not asking too much money for this house by any means, we dropped the price so much already now... We have been posting our advertisements in the local news paper once in every two weeks, we have lots of lookers but so far no takers.. We´re kinda getting scared that we will never be able to sell out this house. We have been trying to make this house appeal to others, everytime when people call for appointment...I try my best to make it look neat, sometimes I do feel like a slave in my own house oh... I have to clean, clean, clean all the time..Recently we painted the wall new with neutral colour, tidy up the basement, attic, garage and recently we just freshen the landscape. Since Spring just came, we also put some pots of spring flowers in front for attraction konon!. We have done a lot in this place and hoping it will be a whole lot more attractive to buyers. The house contractor started bugging us like increasing the price if we don´t build with them soonest! Damn! Its really bugging and giving us stress. They suggested to to build our new house now and rent this place out. But this will cause a HUGE inconvenience to us (in terms of $$$). They keep working on their theory that if we move out, this house will be sold. But what if it doesn´t? What if we don’t find a buyer? Well, I believe we should always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. If they´re gonna push too much we have to pull out the deal with them. Its not a fun option but I guess it is the only option. Other thing is we have paid our architect with a big amount of money, if we draw back the money will be gone just like that...will be gone with the wind..will be burned..adui hopefully tidalah..I am still praying and keeping my finger crossed. Recently we decided to asked the house agents to take out our house from their list. We cannot give more extension seems to be no luck!. (mungkin orang tida mau bayar commission, its quite a lot of money). I just hope we will be able to find buyers with our own effort now. The house contractor promised they would help to advertise our house in the internet soon. We hope we don´t have to wait too much longer (infact we have been waiting forever). I am hoping things will work out for us. Let´s see.


  1. Hi Luthie,
    Sorry to hear you guys are still waiting for buyer. Sabar sajalah Luthie. Hopefully your waiting will be over soon.
    Have a great day, Luthie!

  2. Hehe Thanks for the kind words Hilda. Yaloor...have to have faith kan. Harap2 lah. Sabar saja ni tapi kadang2 its tiring for me. Want to settle cepat-cepat and can start planning (I have something in mind which I want to do).

  3. The house looks decent enough, sia suka dia punya warna, ceriaaa :)

    Maybe you should do your own ads, kasi print in color.. take some nice shots in and outside the house. Supermarket sana tiada notis board untuk kasi tampal benda2 macam ni ka? 7-11 outlets also accepts this type of add and it's free but sia inda tau la di sana.

    I know it's not easy esp. when it concerns money but bersabar ja dulu ah, sambayang nopo... hrp2 ada la prospective buyers datang.

  4. I know here in the U.S. the housing market right now is in decline...perhaps the housing market there right now is also slow? You do have a cute house!

  5. Hi Dina, hampir2 sia ter-over look your comment,siou kio. In general less house buyers in Germany at the moment. I guess because house prices increasing bah.
    Cute house?´re righ, we do have a small house and it´s cute tapi my boys are getting bigger the house become biut sudah..sampit! LOL...


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