Monday, 14 April 2008

Our Little Man Sick Again.

I miss writing but just couldn´t squeeze my time to update this blog for a while, I did come sometimes (peeking) for a short while, just enough time to answer some messages in the shout box (don´t want to be ignorance) but my brain department was not was functioning, the reason was my youngest (Kyle) was sick again last week (he had bronchitis), this is the second time he fell sick this year, once was in February (winter) and now again (Early Spring). I guess it´s because of the change of weather, we had lots of rain and quite windy too. When the weather gets milder, he can easily get infected. This nasty bronchitis never seem to leave my son alone. If only I have a magic hand to take away the bronchitis from him forever!. Thank God this time it didn´t take so long until he recovered. His cough only last for for 4-5 days after treatment. When he was still a baby it took him like 14 days to totally cured. I feel so blessed that he is OK again now and hope the worst (which wasn't all that bad) is behind him. It´s stressful and frustrating when Little Man gets sick. It breaks our hearts when he cough until he puked!, night time is the worst!, he woke up often coughing and discomfort and crying. I got up every 4 hours to do the inhalation!. Day time I walked like a zombie! I didn´t really care, I am not complaining, I am willing to do anything for him, my son´s health is what matter most!. That´s what moms are for right. Most of the time we have to hear him wheezing so clearly..kesian betul and I hate the sound!. Macam saja sia mau rub and clear his lung....but there is nothing much we could do, he was born with a suppressed immune system and weak lung. BTW, he developed a slight fever, I brought him to our our doctor, have him checked up..and thank God his lung was CLEAR!!. That´s all I need to hear. So we he didn´t need to have antibiotic treatment this time. I, at the same time don´t want to expose him to antibiotics if not necessary.. These few days he is back to be lively, playful, and wild again. His spirits are high and he is always in a good mood. He is doing much better but he still continue using the inhaler with some medicines prescribed by our doctor. Eventhough he gets better but I think we have to keep using the inhaler the whole Spring using saline drops (Salt and water) just to be in the safe side. The Salt and water helps to clear and break down mucus from his lung to help him to breathe easily. Its hard for some mommies when kids are sick right. I must admit, its tough and I do feel helpless and worry sometimes, its really heart breaking to see our kids struggle when they´re so little but I do hope and we pray Kyle´s body will build strong immune system as he grows up. Grow to be a healthy boy!.


  1. sorry to hear Kyle got the bronchitis again. Glad he is doing okay now. At least the weather is warmer now. Kami pun semua selsema, batuk-batuk since last week. Pusingan kedua sudah ni, baru juga lepas nah balik lagi. Sekali tengok Billy's teacher and some of his peers pun runny nose juga. Hope Kyle will fully recovered soon.
    Bah, take care kio Luthie. Big hugs to Kenneth&Kyle.

  2. Kasian gia your Kyle and you :C Ya, it's hard when our kids fall sick, it's only normal that we worry and feel helpless coz we can't do much. We'll do anything to take over the pain.

    I'm glad he's better now :) Kasi dia byk2 vitamin.

  3. Hi Hilda, I hope everyone at home is healthy now. Pakabar kamu? I hope the weather will start getting warmer here. Today is snowing again and its almost the end of the April, so weird!. They forcast above 20 degrees on Sunday yepii!. Thanks for droppin by kio!.

  4. Hi Nessa, thanks for your kind words. Terhibur juga hati. Yabah, osusah noh kopio kalau tanganak jatuh sakit especially my youngest tu. I am giving them extra vitamin tu..I think now I have 3 different one..I heard the SHARK LIVER OIL is VERY good for bronchitis. I want to find out where I can order them. Thanks for coming kio! Take care.

  5. How is your kid? He is ok???

  6. Hi Rose,
    My son is doing much better now. I hope the weather will gets warmer..that´s good for him. Thanks for dropping by.
    Take care.


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