Saturday, 26 January 2008

Kitchen Hunting!!

Today is our second time visit to Frauendorfer, its a huge furniture shop located in the another town (Amberg). At the moment they´re offering 60% discount on all furniture including kitchen. Since we need a new kitchen for the new house, we think this is the best time to do survey. I know its still way to early to purchase a new kitchen when our new house is still not standing yet but I think while we have spare times its the best idea to do planning and look around, this way we can easily compare the prices from different shops. We don´t actually want to buy a new kitchen coz its cost lost of money, especially if we already start building later, every penny we have to count....but then, on the other hand, I guess we have no choice but to get a new one..we cannot take along our kitchen now..its quite an old kitchen, I don´t know how many hands have been using it before, anyway, we brought it from our rental appartment 5 years ago...the condition is quite bad, I don´t we can move and set it up again. We requested the salesman to draw the kitchen layout on the computer, its really look very nice, he did exactly like what we wishes. The way he drew the kitchen macam real pula. I cannot wait to see the real kitchen standing hehe...btw, we have decided what material, colour and brand for the new kitchen..He did the counting as well, terkejut juga but that´s what we expect, quite a big amount eventhough after 60% discount (sigh), mau menangis air mata darah oohhh...but anyway, hubby is still surveying and comparing, hopefully we can find other shops which can offer good price with good kitchen. I am thinking what its like to have my new kitchen, When I think of it, it seems like the ultimate luxury.


  1. Hi Luthie,
    Seronoknya! I bet you guys are over the moon right now...hihi! So what colour did you pick for your kitchen? Share gia!!

  2. Testing, what to write ah...

  3. Luthie!!!! You got a tag! Check my blog....haha! Buat whenever you have time lah. Haiyaaah, I still owed you two email. Please bear with me ah. :-))

  4. Take your time Hilda, email when time permits, I undestandlah that. Anyway, about the kitchen, we choose brown colour...both Joachim and me love the colour hehee...will update more about kitchen later....


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