Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Long life!

How does it feel to be over 90 years old eh? Our Oma (hubby´s grandma) just celebrated her 91th birthday a few weeks ago. Looking at her, I don´t believe that she is now 91 years old, I remember last year when she turned to 90 years old, she said "this will be the last birthday" but she was wrong. Of course she looks very old but physically she is quite fit for her age. A few years ago she registered herself in the nearby old folks home but so far she prefers to stay in her own big family house on the hill. Like other housewife, Oma also doing her house chores everyday. In the summer she does her gardening, plantings veges and and taking care of her roses. Not only having green fingers, she is also a great cook!, we loves her cooking eventhough we always complaint how fatty the food is LOL. I think that´s what we will be missing one day when Oma leave this world. She is spending most of her time in her kitchen and does lots of baking for her friends and her two sisters who come for a coffee. I wonder how she can manage doing groceries shopping and carrying stuff up hill. Really amazing eh? I hope my mom will also live longer and staying healthy so that she has the chance to see all her grandchildren growing up. A toast from a friend, Anita Hubby and Oma with her two younger sisters. Oma and her sisters, Tante Ilse and Tante Fridl Birthday girl!


  1. Your Oma is 91 years old, WOW!! She looks great. Happy Birthday to her!! Maybe living up the hill and doing the house chores all by herself is the key to her health. Adusssh! It reminds me, I really need to start my bike, walking or whatever exercises to lose some pounds.....gheesh!

  2. Maybe kan Hilda, going up and down hill of course a good exercise for this old lady and moreover they eat lots of cheese make their bone stronger kan, compare to our orang tua2 makan nasi/sago saja mana gia not much kasiat kan, sian juga.


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