Sunday, 20 January 2008

House for sale

We currently live in this house, we bought it 5 years ago. It is relatively new.
We have trying to put our house in the local new papers for sale since February last year. It has been our dream to settle down in a bigger town than Schwandorf one day. We have been looking at places where we can consider to settle down...last year after looking around for a lot, hubby found a nice place, the first time when we were there, we already fell in love with that small village, it´s Badabbach, it has such a beautiful landscape and has a great scenery... We think its a wonderful place to live, eventhought its only a small village, buts its not far from the town centre, I think its about 10-15 minutes driving to the centre of Regensburg. Its just nice, we wouldn´t want to move to the centre which is hectic and busy especially during the Summer coz this place one of tourist attactions. We want to move to a place which is not very far from Schwandorf. Its only about 39 km away, we´re not very far from our friends in Schwandorf, this way we still can keep in touch easily by visiting each other one day. We are really hoping, and crossing our fingers our dream will come true this year. We hope 2008 will be good to us. So far we already have 3 potential buyers, sounds like they´re really interested in buying our house and currently they´re in the middle of consulting their banks for the finance. We hope they will success with their finance application with flying colors so that we can sell off this house as soon as possible. I feel we have done with our time in this town, we are ready for a change so I guess it is time to move on for a new life adventure in a new place. (of course into a better one hihihi). We cannot wait to proceed with our building planning. We are so looking forward to settle down in the new place.


  1. Luthie!!!!!Welcome to the blog world! I am so happy you finally decided to join us. HUGS!
    Glad to hear you already have a buyer for your house. Yeah, I am sure everything will go well and you guys can start working with the new house. :-))
    BTW, nice blog!

  2. Thanks Hilda, we are still hoping ni ada real buyer hehe..Cannot wait to settle down in a new place. I will definitely update here for more stories kalau ada news okay...stay tune.


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