Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Haha...Hilda, I saw you nah once I started I never stop, kalau boleh nah hari-hari mau drop by and re-decorate my blog. I am addicted already now haha. Kebaruan lah katakan but I hope this way will brush my sedia kalah bad English haha. How´s life treating you over there? We´re hoping winter will be over very soon, I really have enuff!. Cannot stand it anymore, not the cold but due to cold weather, many children fall sick and if one sick in the house the whole family affected. My kids and I have been sick for two weeks now and thank God they´re recovering slowly now. Today Kenneth has to skip kindergarden because he lost his voice and his cold become worst but I gave plenty of liquid and lots of vitamins with enough rest/sleep. I think he is ready to go back to the kindergarden tomorrow. For a few days I have to layan si Kyle yang ter-sangat lah cranky because of his sickness, just imagine the combination of Fever, flu, cough and diarhea at the same time, who can take it all? Nobody!, he is already very skinny now even lighter than before, pity him!. Everything is wrong for him when he is sick, we cannot even touch him, he refused to talk. Drink and food looked like a poison for him. All what he wants is to cry..cry and cry..hati saya pun ikut nangis oh. Mau hilang sudah sabar saya oh. But today for the first time he ate the food that I feed him, he managed to empty his plate today during dinner, what a relief!. So stressful lah, when children sick like this I really missing family back home, how I wish they´re here to give their helping hands. But well, we learn a lot how to be independent right?


  1. Oh dear, glad to hear Kyle is recovering slowly and Kenneth is going back to school tomorrow. Yeaahh!!
    Haha....yabah Luth...addicted sekejap, I have been there. On the first month into blogging Doug kept reminded me not to neglected Billy. I have not but boy oh boy, does I made my life stressful enough. Mulau! This year, I am going to put my blog after Bill, Bill, Bill and Bill...haha! Kunun!

  2. LOL Hilda, lucu kan kalau sudah addicted. Saya pun balik2 remind myself not really get addicted nanti anak2 dan housechores terbengkalai pula. Yes, should put our kids in number dua blogging lah hehehe...okay happy blogging and thanks for dropping by.


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