Thursday, 31 January 2008

Magical Wolfberry

Wolfberries have been used in traditional folk medicine for over 5,000 years. Sounds familiar to you? I didn´t know about "Wolfberry" until a few days ago. Ketaralah limited pengetahuan hehehe...Wolfberry is also another name for the western snowberry. I have been sighing or better to say "complaining" to an acquaintance that my boys always fall sick especially during winter time. She recommended me to give "Wolfberries" to them because its good to enhance immune system function but I never bother to listen, why should I? LOL...the word doesn´t sound interesting pun hehe. After a few days telling about "Wolfberries" she suddenly wrote to me that the wolfberries packet is on the way to my letter box. What!, she sent me one? LOL, macam tida percaya pula ada orang bersusah payah dan baik hati hehehe...after 3 days I got the packet, when I opened and look at them I was full of doubt, I scratch my head for a second to ponder. Should I consume them or not especially the product was produced in China, sorry to say but I am a bit scared of the hygienic. The packet weigh about 500 grams. The fruits are small and dried in red colour, look like small red chillies. To be honest they almost ended in my rubbish bin but then I had a second thought, if one take their initiative to spend money buying for me, taking their spare time going to Post Office, it must be a reliable product, okay, I surfed on the internet and tried to find the truth about it...after reading encyclopedia about "Wolfberries" macam tida percaya pula. Macam saya kana pugai. They stated that Wolfberries is the most nutritionally-rich fruit on the planet. They have been in traditional Chinese medicine for about 5,000 years. Aikk macam siok pula, I became very interested, even manage to persuade hubby to read more about it. We both were surprised when they stated that the people who consumed this fruit apparently lived free of common diseases like arthritis, cancer and diabetes. Moreover, their life expectancy has reached over 100 years! bah siapa tida mau panjang umur kalau sihat hehehe...This fruit has been studied extensively over the last 30 years and believe this little fruit can change the health of the world if more people know about it. If its true why not give it a try and tell your friends and together maybe we can learn something useful and will put that knowledge for our own sake and the ones we love. Hubby and I made our order. I kilo of wolfberries. They have a branch producing the fruit in Berlin. I mainly need them for Kyle since he has a weak immune system and they also stated the fruit good for eye sight, nahh hopefully its true, who knows if taking it continuously Kyle might not need his strong glasses in the future. Read about this fruit more here There are so many links/websites about this fruits on the net..find out.


  1. Wah!! Very interesting indeed, Luthie. Neither my hubby or I have heard of wolfberries. Sama lah kita tu...haha! Mau carilah tu. Thanks for sharing Luthie!

  2. Oh! ini pula rupa ni wolf berries! Merah2 karer dia. Bah, sia pun mau cari lah ni kalau gini, mau cuba juga khasiat dia.

  3. Bah kalau mau long life kunun pigilah order hahaha.x tau butul kah tida ni cuba2 saja, kalau tida mahal why not kan?


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